Most Comfortable Walking Shoes 2016


When it comes to walking shoes, many don’t think much about it. You get up, get dressed, and throw on a pair of shoes. Well, it isn’t as simple as that. More people though are understanding the importance of grabbing the correct pair of shoes for the right occasion. As time progresses, many start to suffer from foot issue that can range from pain to the change in structure in their feet. Shoes are mostly seen as a fashionable aspect more than a comfort factor. As most manufacturers create shoes with aesthetic appeal, they also create shoes with specific technologies to support the foot. As technology becomes more advanced, and we learn from past issues, shoes are now put into separate categories, more specific to fit the different activities of every person. Still, many don’t understand how imperative it is to choose the right pair, where the right pair, and do this continuously to prevent long term damage.


Utilizing a walking shoe, for, well, walking, is essential. Ok, that may sound obvious, but people can make the easy mistake of confusing or simply not caring what a walking shoe actually is. Now, sneakers have elevated in style and design. They are more comfortable and feature extras. This is great, but the perfect shoes aren’t always perfect if they aren’t being used correctly. They can slowly be damaging your feet. With that in mind, the most comfortable walking shoes will protect your feet from these issues if used properly.


The Difference Between Walking Shoes And Running Shoes


This is an imperative topic because it is so easy to confuse the walking shoe from the running shoe. Most people do not know there is a difference. When a person walks, there are different movements that require different support. When running, the game completely changes. For athletes, this is key because wearing the wrong fit can accelerate the damage. You wouldn’t wear boots to play your best game in basketball, so walking and running shoes are just as different.


For starters, the difference between walking and running shoes is the very construction. Walkers can wear running shoes in most cases but runners shouldn’t wear walking shoes. As explained before, muscle movement in shoes when doing various activities varies differently. If you are a walker, you can wear running shoes, but there are more comfortable options for those who may stand all day. Another difference is not just feet also. The body uses a different position when walking or running, a runners knees bend more, so they will need much more support. For this reason, those who walk more frequently and endure heavy lifting, like nurses, may consider running shoes. This all depends on, though. Since runners hit the ground with a force three times their body weight, running shoes are built for more pressure. Walkers do not apply this much pressure. Walking shoes are designed to spend more time on the ground. Then, to make things more complex, they are also designed to be on the ground longer on different terrains. That is one of the reasons it is important to have multiple walking shoes for every occasion needed, but we will go into this later.




When it comes to motion, is should be heavily considered. This affects the design of the shoe greatly and may not be what a walker wants. The flexibility factor is inhibited for those who need more motion control. Since runners use more sporadic motions, their shoes have a firmer fit. This might not be the best option for a walker who just wants the most comfortable walking shoes. Walking shoes offer more flexibility in the sole also. This allows the walker to bend and walk easily and they tend to use the heel of their feet, the ball and toes. They use this system to walk so flexibility is necessary.




 -Cushion Support


Everyone should like a good support system and comfort. So, as a walker, you will need to decide how much of that cushioning you really want. It may sound wonderful to have the absolute most cushioning possible, and that may be best for some, but access cushioning in shoes means more weight. This is why typically, running shoes are heavier than walking shoes. When runners hit the ground, they are applying more pressure to the shoes, so running shoes are designed to handle that shock. Walking shoes still provide a great cushion for comfort, but if you walk on flat surfaces most times, it may not be necessary to get extra padding in a shoe. Walking shoes, however, have been designed with more padding, and can be bought. Those walking shoes that come with more cushion provide all of the construction of a walking shoe but allows that walker to handle more terrain types with the extra cushioning. So, the extra padded walking shoe would be great for those who walk not as flat terrains or walk longer distances.





This may be more noticeable when trying on the walking and running shoes separately. The height of the heel in a runners shoes is higher. Is this what you want? Again, walkers can wear running shoes, but if you do not do an accessive activity, walking shoes may be best for you. Runners tend to use their midfoot so this is why the heel is designed with more support. This can be difficult to determine what heel height is, again, trying the shoes on will let you know because visually, they are not much different. This is why it is so easy to confuse walking and running shoes. Walkers use their heel more in most cases, so this is why the walking shoe would be comfortable for a person who has less activity. The lower heel may provide more of a comfort factor for the user. Also, when it comes to the heel of the shoe, running shoes provide extra heel flare. This may not be your best bet if you are a walker. For a walker, it can hinder the motion of rolling forward in a step. For athletic power walkers, shoes with an undercut heel will usually be best.





What Should You Choose


That’s obviously up to you. Walking shoes are for those who are really just going to walk. Although you can wear running shoes for walking, many may not be as comfortable in them because of their build. So, you may have been buying running shoes and think they are good enough but you may like walking shoes better if you are walking all day. If you travel on different terrains at a steady pace, walking shoes with more cushioning may benefit you better. When everything is said, a walker should probably stick to, well, a walking shoe.


Why You Should Buy More Than One Pair Of Walking Shoes


Now that we went over the difference between the walking and running shoe, you should also know that buying multiple pairs of walking shoes can benefit you.




Shoes can easily get dirty, scuffed, or become drenched in rain. Most people who purchase a pair of walking shoes will use it daily. Having a backup is always great because you don’t want to wear those muddy, dirty, wet shoes the next day. While you are cleaning those shoes, you can have a nice dry, clean pair waiting for you.




This mistake can easily be made. Many think it’s fine to wear one pair of walking shoes consistently. When you purchase the pair of shoes, you may be planning on wearing it for a while. Alternating shoes though can prevent your feet from adapting to one type of shoe. If this happens, you may not know when the shoe wears out and is not providing enough support for you. This is how feet get damaged. Making the investment in at least two quality walking shoes can help your feet in the long run, or should I say walk.




There are different types of walking shoes. You may wear one pair for work, then wear another to walk trails for enjoyment.


  1. Motion Control


Although we talked about motion control earlier and that it makes the shoe less flexible, som walkers may need this. They may need motion controlled shoes but the build of a walking shoe. This motion-controlled walking shoe is designed for those who may have flat feet or those with heavier weight. Many with this issue can get injured easily because the weight is distributed differently and can cause twisted ankles or other injuries. These shoes have better protection against this.


  1. Trail Walking Shoes


These walking shoes are specifically designed to handle rough terrain while providing the comfortable features of a walking shoe. Terrain shoes are built with more durability and the soles should take longer to wear out. It is imperative to not wear out the soles of your walking shoes that are designed for flat surfaces.


  1. Extra Cushioned Walking Soes


These are the shoes we talked about earlier also. They are made for those who may need a little extra comfort because of pain while walking. They are great for those with high arches and can be worn all day.




Walking shoes can make your life more comfortable and help you avoid common foot issues caused by wearing the wrong pair of shoes. So, think twice before you grab that pair of shoes and walk out the door!












Best Shoes For Bunions 2016


Bunions, no one enjoys talking about it, but it is a common problem. When it comes to feet, they can often be ignored or not considered. For this reason, bunions can form. Having these foot problems can also be a genetic issue.


What Creates Bunions?


Simply by not taking quality care of your feet. Many don’t pay attention to their footwear for multiple reasons. Its easy to ignore your feet and with time, it can cause excessive foot problems. In many cases, though, it is a genetic thing. As the footages, it may spread, causing the bunion to form. In some situations, bunions can form due to arthritis. Many women who wear high heels that are tight or other tight shoes have high risks of forming bunions because of the pressure the foot must go through. So, bunions can be avoided nut sometimes they run in the family.


Best Shoes For Bunions


Clogs are one of the most common shoes worn by those who suffer from bunions and there’s a good reason. Many who work in hospitals find them as comfortable to wear and easy to wear all day. They were built for the support that can also provide comfort through the whole day. They can handle being on hard surfaces and are very protective of the feet. They offer good width, an important feature to have for the best comfort, especially if you are standing all day. They are walking shoes, though, not meant to do consistent running. They also should be worn in rough terrain as they are meant for steady flat surfaces. They are easily wearable with any style of clothing because of their simple design.



Mary Jane Shoes


This style of shoes is very lightweight, an excellent quality in a good pair of shoes for bunions. There is an excellent amount of wiggle room in these shoes. They offer the shape of the clog but with a closed heal. They are usually closed with a strap for convenience.


Rocker Sole


Most of these shoes are wider for the toes. The reason for the cool name is because the sole is designed to make it easier to walk. This is especially great for those who have bunions that are so severe that walking is painful. The shoe basically rocks forward as it touches a surface thus taking the pressure away from the toes. Comfortable convenience! You may think that they are unstylish with all that extra help but they usually are not that boxy in size.






What To Look For In A Quality Pair Of Shoes For Bunion Issues


There are many shoes on the market and the ones listed above are great quality for those who need a reliable pair of shoes that can handle day to day activities. If you happen to stumble across shoes or a brand not mentioned, it is a great idea to check it out. If it matches the qualifications and has the features(sorry, had to throw that in there!) of a quality shoe, then it may be worth the buy.


-Comfort Level

The most important thing to consider is you. Only you will know what shoe is best for you and since you will be the one walking in them all day, you should feel comfortable in them. No one else will walk in your shoes but you, so walk in them a little, feel how they form to your foot. Does the material feel comfortable? Try not to purchase based on style, there are plenty of shoes for bunions, like the ones listed above, that aren’t horrible to look at and are comfortable at the same time.


High Quality



As with any purchase, it is critical to get the best bang for your buck. You may be tired of hearing that, but it’s true, especially when it comes to your shoes. You are more than likely going to wear them frequently and have them for a bit. Why not enjoy them? Don’t go for anything that feels cheap but also expensive doesn;t always mean quality. Thoroughly examine the shoes, does it look like it can handle your busy lifestyle. If you choose leather, make sure that it can offer you quality protection while still commanding a gentle experience for your bunion. As fashionable as you want to be, shoes for bunions can be attractive but try to shop for a more durable shoe. It is best to heal first, so then you may be able to enjoy different shoes. For now, shop for a durable shoe that protects your feet from any danger.






Many may think that bunion compatible shoes are supposed to be bulky and heavy. This is not the case. Who wants to walk around all day with that kind of load on your already sensitive feet. Make sure they are comfortable weight wise and easy to maneuver. The best way to do this tests it on your feet and walk in it a bit. This should tell you how the rest of the day in them can make you feel. This will not only be more comforting for you but will relieve any pain your bunion may be causing. This can also help with the progress of recovery for your bunions.




This is another important factor for your shoes. Your bunions are sensitive and need the shoes to work with them and not the other way around. A quality pair of shoes will flex with your feets natural movements and provide you the best comfort possible. If you have an athletically active lifestyle, this is a great benefit for you as it can make those activities more comfortable instead of adding stress.


Wide Width Sizes


Because of the common size of bunions, width is very important to have in a pair of comfortable shoes for bunions. The big toe needs to be able to move and have space to breathe for the ultimate comfort. If the shoe is too narrow, this can worsen the bunion, making treatment more difficult.


Great Performance


Even if you don’t have an active lifestyle, it’s important to not hold on to shoes that can’t hold on to you. A good grip is a key to any sneaker, but for those with bunions, it is highly imperative as bunions are sensitive to any slip or accident. Anything that can cause pressure can delay the healing process of your bunion. Having quality traction and grip will make every day easier as the bunion heals.









Best Shoes for Flat Feet Mens



Finding accommodations for flat feet is easier than a lot of people think. Some individuals who have flat feet, which are characterized by fallen arches, are under the impression that they’re just going to have to avoid certain activities in order to avoid pain or discomfort. In fact, choosing the right shoes can make all the difference in the lives of the people who suffer from fallen arches. They don’t have to completely alter their lifestyles in order to avoid pain. They can have the same active lifestyles as their peers as long as they just change their choice of footwear.


Problems with Flat Feet


Having fallen arches is going to predispose people towards experiencing more pain because healthy and normally shaped arches are going to absorb the shock that people would naturally encounter as a result of just everyday movements. The shock absorption powers of a person’s arches are going to be even more important during running and power walking, where arches are called upon to absorb so much more.


When people have fallen arches, all of that pressure is going to radiate throughout their legs instead, since they’re not going to have anything to absorb it on their feet. As such, the people in this situation are frequently going to be in a situation in which they feel pain if they do any sort of physical exercise that could be considered strenuous for them. It is important for the people who have flat feet to consider the long-term damage that this sort of thing can do to the rest of their bodies. They’re going to cause damage to their knees, causing them to wear out more quickly than they would have otherwise. Many people with flat feet will also struggle to get the exercise that they need, thus causing them to miss out on the countless health benefits of exercise.


Overpronation is also a common problem for the people who suffer from flat feet. As a result, they are going to put a lot of wear and tear on the running shoes and even the normal shoes that they use just over the course of regular walking on a daily basis. They’re going to need shoes that were designed to handle that, and the best shoes for flat feet mens were designed with those principles in mind.


Best Shoes for Men With Flat Feet


Essentially, the best shoes for flat feet mens are going to more or less replace the healthy arches that the men would have otherwise. The shoes are going to be designed to provide more physical support for the men who need it, which is going to make all the difference in the world when it comes to the amount of pain and discomfort that they may or may not feel during a walk or a run.


There is no reason for anyone to get surgery or even physical therapy in order to achieve that effect. A sole that has been well-designed is going to be able to manage to make people with this condition feel better even if their foot shape remains the same. As long as the soles of the shoes in question are strong enough and tough enough, the people in question are going to manage to regain the support and comfort that they have managed to lose with time.


Lots of the best shoes for flat feet mens are going to be just as stylish as the shoes that they would have purchased anyway, so no one is going to have to worry about sacrificing style for the sake of practicality. Many people who have foot problems have had to contend with the sort of shoes that are clearly nothing but therapy shoes over the years, which is going to be an unappealing prospect to the individuals who like to have a little bit of style when it comes to their footwear. However, the best shoes for flat feet mens are not going to have to sacrifice style for substance, as it were. They manage to have both features in spades.


Of course, many of the best shoes for men who have flat feet are going to act as therapy shoes. Many of them are designed to correct the strides of the men who suffer from flat feet and the associated problems, such as overpronation. Lots of the shoes designed for men with flat feet are going to have built-in motion control, which is going to make a huge difference when it comes to altering their strides for the better.




Men who suffer from problems with fallen arches and overpronation do not need to restrict themselves to footwear that is not going to help and that is ultimately just going to make the problem worse. They have lots of great options that are going to give them a full range of motion back.

Best Shoes for Flat Feet Womens


Flat feet refer to the absence of an arch in the inward part of the feet. This heightens pronation and easily leads to overpronation which can cause injuries. There is no arch, making that part of the feet rest on the ground. For women, this can be dangerous as the injuries caused by overpronation are very painful. Moreover, Arches act as natural shock absorber, helping us reduce the effect made when the feet hits the ground, its absence can lead to complications.


Surgery has been effective for the treatment of flat feet, but it is expensive and may not be convenient for everyone, however, wearing the appropriate shoes would reduce overpronation, is convenient and time effective. These shoes provide support, stability and motion and motion control. These features reduce the harmful effects that come with having flat feet, as a woman. We have compiled a list of the best shoes for flat feet women’s and examined them closely so that purchasing a suitable shoe for your self would not be so difficult.


Running Shoes


Mizuno Wave Paradox 2


The Wave Paradox 2 is a highly convenient foot wear for women that have flat feet because it’s from-heel-to-midfoot pad provide immense comfort and stability for the feet. The U4ic midsole foam, which is an update of the previous AP+ foam, solves the lack of arch problem that flat feet women have by providing shock absorption for your feet. The wave configuration on the sole of the shoe serves as a protection against the inward bend that is characterizes flat feet

SR Touch foam in the heel helps diffuse shock and the entire sole which is made of carbon that provides durability is equipped with blown rubber in the forefoot region to provide additional comfort.


There is an overlay on the sides where the arch is supposed to be which provides great stability and further reduces the tendency for your flat feet to overpronate. This overlay is put over the mesh styled body of the shoe that provides comfort and is airy so you do not feel intense warmth in your feet. Mizuno’s stable and comfortable provisions in the sole make it one of the ideal best shoes for flat feet womens.


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15


This running shoe is designed to give its wearer a stable and comfortable feel. It is also built to deliver a smooth transition control- everything that your flat feet needs. The BioMoGo DNA material on the sole delivers ideal cushion-feel underfoot that provides a soft and comfortable experience. A crash pad of full length and has been divided in section provides the motion control that overpronators need during movement and its flexibility allows more control for your flat feet.


Your flat feet cannot get enough of comfort and stability which is further provided by Progressive Diagonal Rollbar which assists in overpronation during foot strike. The mesh used in the upper part of the shoe enables a breathable but snuggly feel, and is combined with a liner to keep moisture away. The airy feeling the shoe gives and the comfort and stability the sole provides makes the running trainers perfect for your flat feet.


Walking shoes


ASICS GT 1000 3


Known for combining a good shape with great functionality, the GT 1000 3 is a walking shoe that is stylish and highly useful for your flat feet. Its mesh appearance provides comfort and the internal liner is useful for keeping your feet warm and dry. The shoe comes with an Impact guidance system, Guidance Line, and Guidance Trusstic System that aim to reduce overpronation. Shock absorption is delivered by Duomax Support System and Gel Cushioning Systems while you work out so you do not need to worry about the absence of the arch in your feet. SpEVA in the midsole provides support and stability while also making the shoe a durable one. The combination of these features transform the Asics GT 1000 3 into one of the best shoes for flat feet women.


Brooks Raveena 6


The Raveena 6 meets both your fashion needs and the protection of your flat feet. Designed for mild pronators who need average stability and cushioning which means any support that is higher than average would cause pain for the mild pronator. During movement, the segmented crash pad and the grip heel provide shock absorption that protects your feet and gives you comfort.


Dress Shoes


Aetrex Women’s Essence TM Taylor Mary Jane Pump


The Aetrex Women’s Essence TM Taylor Mary Jane is a feminine shoe that does not sacrifice style for comfort. So if you looking to look stylish and trendy without having to sacrifice comfort, this shoe are ideal for you. The shoe’s sole comes with EVA foot bed that provides support and stability that would smoothen the already exotic feel the appearance of the shoe gives. Extra pad around the arch area makes the shoe very suitable for providing comfort for your flat feet.


The upper region of Pump features suede material that easily hides scratches and provides longevity for the shoe. The tip of the shoe is designed with leather and there is a strap with a buckle across the shoe. The shoe basically delivers luxury, stability and comfort that would give you a general relaxed feel.


Aetrex Women’s Helen Stretch Mary Jane


This flat shoe is designed to solve all the problems that come with having flat feet, providing immense comfort and stability and can be worn in all formal situations. They are spacious so that your toes do not feel too tightly packed and can move freely with its toe-box design at the tip of the shoe. This means that you would never be worried about developing blisters on your toes. Supportive foot bed provides comfort for your arches and metatarsal muscles and reduces your chances of overpronation and keeping your feet stable and the foot pad is removable which allows you to replace them with a custom footbed that would provide ultra comfort.


Shoes generally have the ability to transform your appearance into a trendy and very flattering look, but if they are not comfortable, this does not mean anything to the wearer. Most shoes have sacrificed comfort for beauty, the effect is worse for women who have flat feet as is becomes twice as hard to find a comfortable shoe that would compliment the desired looks you are going for. These best shoes for flat feet women would totally solve your dilemma and you would be able to enjoy wearing stylish shoes even though you have flat feet.


Top 4 Most Comfortable Shoes For Standing All Day


Most individuals tend to work in jobs that require them to stand the whole day. If you are among these individuals, then you fully understand the agony of having aching feet at the end of a long day. The good news, which I assume you have not been aware of all this time, there are great pairs of shoes that can help your feet feel dramatically better after a long days work.


Whether you are walking or standing for an average of eight hours in a day, many individuals tend to suffer from feet problem. The environment you are working on also tends to increase the risk of joint issues and various other health concerns. As a result, it is essential to identify the most comfortable shoes for standing all day.


Importance of comfortable shoes


Before we identify the most comfortable shoes for standing all day, let us get an understanding why it is important to get comfortable shoes.


The first and most obvious point is, without comfortable shoes, your feet will hurt at the end of the day. It is not something to look forward to. The pain usually comes from the fit of your shoe and most times, it has nothing to do with the amount of time you have spent standing. It is all about the quality of shoes you are wearing.


Other than having blisters, you will also start suffering from calluses, bunions, and corns in the areas of your feet that are not adequately supported. The buildup of skin tends to lead to a variety of problems, such as experiencing nerve pain that could end up leaving your feet inflamed and swollen.


The most comfortable shoes for standing


This is the stage where we have carefully put together a quick list of the best and most comfortable shoes for standing all day.


  1. The crocs the specialist clog


The first design of this most comfortable shoe was launched in the year 2002. By the year 2010, they were the top selling shoes being used by most individuals in the workplace around the world. The most ordered type of this shoe was the specialist clog. These shoes have been purposely designed for standing up all day in the office. They have been made from croslite, a foam based material that ensures the clog molds itself to the shape of your foot while still providing support. The shoes are odor resistance as they can easily be wiped down or even bleached. Having a pair of clean shoes keeps fungus at bay. As a result, your feet can stay attractive and clean.


  1. Algeria professional flats


If you are a style-minded individual, the Algeria range has been able to design some great options you can select from. The most purchased of their items is the Alli professional flat. A closed top shoe has a worked leather upper and cute butterfly design. What has made the shoe famous for most clients is the full grain leather used to make it, which comes in a number of finishes that are very easy to maintain. It has a very thick rocker sole that has a slight slope from the heel to the toe. The slope in the shoe helps in tipping you forward gently, which helps you in maintaining a healthy posture while you stand and work. The design of the rubber sole ensures your durability while providing you with the needed traction on slippery surfaces.


  1. Algeria Men’s Chairman Design


Other than making comfortable shoes for women, Algeria has also produced some good quality men’s shoes, and the men’s favorite is the chairperson layout. The shoe is made from the best high-grade leather, having a soft suede lining, a footbed that has been designed to give you maximum comfort. An ergonomically correct support system and a cushioned rocker sole that can support your natural gait. The bottom has been made to be slip-resistant to ensure your safety as you stroll around the office. The material that has been used in the shoe is very light to ensure it does not strain your feet; the thick sole does not make it as nearly as heavy as it should be, in the case it was made of rubber.


  1. Dr. Martens, the 1461 3 an Eye Gibson lace up shoe


The Dr. Martens brands are primarily famous for comfort and hip work wear. They have made many designs for both women and men. The commonly purchased men shoe is the Gibson Lace-up, which has been designed with highly durable leather a lining that offers you breathability. Additionally, the shoe can wick moisture away from your feet, as it will help you to avoid any fungal infection. The outer leather of the shoe has a water resistant finish making it very easy for you to maintain. You are not only limited to black as they have produced in different color options to ensure your shoe color codes with your outfit.


When you are out looking for the most comfortable shoes for standing all day, you need to ensure you choose comfort before the looks. Ensure that you have purchased the highest quality footwear that is available to ensure you receive the needed stability and support.

TOP 5 best shoes for male nurses 2016

Time and time again, research has shown that nurses experience musculoskeletal pain and disorders due to being on their feet for their long shifts. This is an issue not only for female nurses, but their male counterparts as well, and it is not likely something that is going change anytime soon.


While the female shoe industry has had time to develop and create numerous alternatives for comfortable and supportive footwear for nurses, the options for men are not as plentiful. It is equally important for male nurses to have superior shoes, which brings us to our search for the best shoes for male nurses.


When considering shoes for male nurses, one must take into account arch support and the ability for weight to be distributed so as to minimize impact on any one particular area of the foot. When a shoe does this, there is a decrease in pain, particularly in the ankle and shin region. Less pain means a longer career and the ability to help more people. These are all factors that were taken into consideration when compiling data for this, our list of the best shoes for male nurses.


  1. Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Pro Grip Slip-Resistant Work Shoe


Merrell is a brand known for quality, and this shoe carries on that tradition. As the name suggests, a feature of this shoe is its grip and traction, which persists even on wet surfaces. The leather these shoes are made of is waterproof and can be cleaned easily, both useful features in the nursing profession.


In terms of comfort, there is a removable EVA footbed that can be used for extra support of the foot’s arch and utilizes technology to absorb step shock. Designed to be worn for a long work day on your feet, these shoes also employ an antimicrobial-treated liner for odor control.


You can expect to find these shoes in white, black or brown and priced anywhere in the $50- $100 range, which is typical of Merrell footwear. These shoes are of a good quality that will last, so it is a very good investment.


  1. MOZO Men’s Sharkz Work Shoe


This lightweight, water-resistant shoe is designed for comfort. There are adjustable inserts to allow you to customize the fit of each shoe which can be used in addition to the gel insoles. The ability to individualize each shoe is a great feature to prevent pain and to alter the shoe based on changing needs.


This is another shoe that was designed for professions on their feet and moving quickly, so you can expect it to be slip-resistant. There are side vents incorporated into the design that allow breathability, and it is elasticized to let you slip in on and off without difficulty.


The price of this shoe is anywhere from $50-$75 and they are available in black.


  1. Dansko Men’s Professional Oiled Leather Clog


This leather shoe comes from a brand that is well-respected in the nursing industry for providing award-winning comfort for women’s footwear. They have achieved similar results with this shoe for male nurses. This shoes utilizes what the company calls the “Dansko Comfort DNA”, which means they have considered all the ways the foot moves within the shoe to provide the best support and comfort.


Designed for everyday, long-period use, all of the features of this shoes encompass function- the outsole for shock absorbing, the wide heal for stability, they even considered giving toes wiggle room and protection.


You can find these shoes in black, white or brown, and expect to pay $120-$150 for this quality shoe. If you have a wider foot, you’ll be pleased to know that this shoe is available in wide as an option.


  1. Dickies Medical Men’s SRMEXAM Leather Step In Nursing Shoe


This shoe by Dickie’s hits all the marks with what is needed for a good professional shoe- water-resistant, good support, easy to clean, and good traction. It is also lightweight and flexible for additional comfort. Overall, a good reliable shoe that will get you through the day without foot pain.


This shoe also has the bonus of being reasonably priced and can be found in the range of $60-$70. It is available in black or white, and can be purchased in a wide sole.


  1. Sanita Men’s Professional Clog


We come to the end of the list, and last but not least, we have the Professional Clog by Sanitas. The second clog-style shoe on our list, this shoe is designed to avoid lower back pain and moves your feet in a rocking motion while walking, ensuring your stride is less likely to cause you injury. Again, we see a focus on arch support to help relieve impact stress on the shins and ankles. To address the concerns of nurses, this shoe has a slip resistant sole and can be cleaned easily.


It is no wonder this shoe makes the list of best shoes for make nurses- it has the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Approval for orthopedic support. You can be assured that this is a good quality shoe.


This shoe is available in black and white and is priced around $100.



So now you know the best shoes for male nurses and it’s time to apply the knowledge. Go find out which shoe is best for you- try them on, walk around, and experience the support systems that make each of these shoes so impressive. It is important to find a shoe that fits you, and remember, of everything you wear to work, this is the item that will impact the longevity of your career, so invest wisely.

What are the best running shoes for flat feet (Mens & Womens)

Running is an important exercise that helps you keep fit and also provides efficient circulation of blood and oxygen in all the vital organs of your body. Having the right set of running shoes would provide comfort while running. Although people with flat feet have the arch that is typical to every foot, theirs is lower and more vertical which means that there is no obvious curve on the inside of the feet. People with flat feet tend to over-pronate. Pronation is not abnormal as it helps shock absorption, but over-pronation can cause injuries. It is necessary for people with flat feet to find suitable shoes that would aid various activities, including running.


In recent times, shoe makers have attempted to make shoes that would be comfortable and convenient for men and women with flat feet, and they have succeeded. These shoes help you gain stability, motion control and support. While support helps you gain more grip on the floor, stability prevents over-pronation. Motion control enhances on the benefits of stability, meant for people with severe flat conditions. These shoes achieve stability through the presence of harder foam compound beneath the medial part of the foot arch that extends to the heel region.


If you have flat feet and face problems wearing trendy shoes that are saturated in the shoe market because of the inconvenience it creates on your low arch, There are many ideal shoes that would bring comfort to your flat feet. In fact, they are too many, leaving you confused as to which of these running shoes would be suitable for you. Not to worry, we have compiled a list of the best running shoes for flat feet men and women can wear in order to give their feet perfect comfort while running or engaging in any other physical activity.


Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet Men


  1. Nike Lunarglide 6


The Nike Lunarglide is a lightweight trainer that has Lunar Foam throughout the entire sole which shelters the sole and provides splendid shock absorption and suitable stability. It also has extra support in the mid-sole area to prevent over-pronation. The appearance of this trainer gives it stellar look, especially as it comes in various elegant bright colors including black, fitting into the taste of most men. The outer layer is designed in fine mesh that provides it with its lightness and as usual for all Nike products, the Nike logo is boldly inscribed on the side of the shoe.


The upper sole is spacious and is suitable for people with large toes. The insole is heavily designed to provide comfort for you as the midsole is reinforced with support and stability so that you do not have to be worried about over-pronation. The heel region is also padded to aid shock absorption. The mesh used to design the exterior of the shoe helps your feet cool off even when in a hot weather. Flex groove aids for flexibility and helps you gain control while you move and Flywire cables protect the upper part of the feet. The shoe generally enables comfortability while in motion, making it gain more popularity among athletes who are looking for lightweight shoes with a lot of stability.



  1. Saucony Hurricane 15


Although this trainer is slightly heavy, it is still very manageable and highly recommended for runners who have flat feet. The underneath is made of carbon rubber that is popular for providing durability. The midsole area has a double foam substance that is dense and provides you with cushioned support for every step that you take. This part of the shoe also comes with Power grid technology that distributes pressure evenly, reducing over-pronation chances and is part of the three technologies in which Hurricane uses to provide support and stability, the other two being: Impact Interface, Super Rebound Compound (SRC) Impact Zone.


The SRC which is found in the shoe’s heel part provides shock absorption and reduces the pressure on impact and aids convenient transition. Impact interface cushions soften independent heel strike, preventing the heel from compressing and consequently, bottoming out.


It bears a multicolored appearance designed with mesh made of Nylon that makes it light. The shoes heaviness comes from the bulk of the sole which provides perfect support for your flat feet.


Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet Women



  1. Asics Gel Super J33


A lightweight shoe designed to provide stability for female athletes with flat feet. The Asics Gel Super J33 was introduced in 2011 and ever since, the shoe has been one of the best options for runners with flat fleet. The J33 is built with FluidAxis technology which is a groove that flex in various directions, following the lateral movement of the feet, allowing easy flexibility. The shoes weigh 6.2 pounds.


The FluidAxis, Solyte Midsole and super-soft upper region all combine to give its wearer a very flexible appeal. The footwear is very suitable for people that have wide feet as it comes in standard wide sizes. Not worry if you have narrow feet, the foamy exterior would contract to fit your feet, giving you that warm cushion feel. The Flex grooves works in two ways; on one side, it supports pronation, on the other end, it is supported by a pink dense substance that prevents over pronation, making it one of the best running shoes for flat feet women.



  1. Asics GT 2000 2


This is a running shoe, suitable for your flat feet because it is great for stability arch support. The sole of the shoe has structural firmness and a reliable gait performance as it comes with trusstic technology which combines with a Dynamic DuoMax heel pad to give the midsole stability and support.


The outsole is made of a strong rubber that provides it with enhanced grip performance and durability. The forefoot and rear foot comes with gel cushioning technology that enhances smooth movement of the feet and also absorbs shock. It comes with a sole that has a less dense top layer in the middle, giving women more compression when running.



  1. New Balance M1260v3


The New Balance M1260v3 was designed for athletes who have flat feet. From heel to toe, it has a perfect distribution of cushioned comfort. It comes with very light foam which is also durable called Acteva Lite midsole technology. There is also resistance to prevent the compression of the foam. N2 technology provides the shoe with stability and also allows it to be light, shedding all the unnecessary bulk. The Trainer combines stability with support and lightweight to prevent over-pronation and give your flat feet the perfect flexibility and motion control it would need during transition.



  1. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15


The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 comes with mesh that provides for its light weight. It is a multi colored footwear that is available in variety of colors suitable for both men and women with flat feet. It also comes with a very durable rubber outsole. It provides for easy transition with the presence of the Extended Caterpillar Crash Pad. Element lining are spacious and prevent moisture to keep feet cool and dry. Your feet is stable and allowed to move freely as the sole includes Omega Flex Grooves that allows flexibility.


Astounding support with the presence of thick midsole foam that enables your flat feet to be stable and back support that prevents over-pronation. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS is an extension of the GTS 14 which does not have as much flexibility and is more rigid. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 is perfect for running and a suitable comfort for your flat feet.



  1. ASICS GEL Kayano 21


This happens to be one of the softest and most convenient trainers in the Asics Line. It comes in very modest colors and some other colors and designs that would stand you out. The sole is tough and helps absorb shock. The midsole includes a hardened foam that gives support to the foot.


The Fluidfit mesh of the upper unit is expandable and comfortable, giving your feet a warm feeling. The heel clutching system i n the heel bears a plastic frame that locks your heels in, tight enough to provide firmness but loose enough to allow space for comfort. With its lighter support and flexible feel, the Kayano 21 is ideal for your flat feet. Apart from the shoe price, the trainer is a valuable buy.



  1. Mizuno Wave Inspire 11


A very comfortable shoe with strong arch and heel support, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 aims to provide stability for your flat feet with minimum weight. It comes in a moderate design that gives you various options to choose from which include blue, gray, pink and black.


The outer mesh design enables flexible movement as it makes the shoe lightweight and internal straps to hug your feet, keeping it warm and cozy. The sole allows more grip on the ground which would make the fit ultimately responsive to movement. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 is very suitable for your flat feet as it completely combines stability, responsiveness and lightweight.


Flat feet need stability and support to prevent over-pronation. Severe condition of flat feet would require motion control so that the feel is kept safe in every form of motion. These shoes are ideal because their unique technologies all provide your flat feet with the requirement so that you have a painless and very comfortable feeling while running.

What are the best shoes for hammer toes?

Hammer toes can be a painful, unsightly condition. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center,, this condition can be present at birth but is usually developed later in life. Hammer toes are where the toe bends downward in a claw-like position. Wearing high heeled shoes or shoes that fit improperly causing muscle imbalance can contribute to the condition. Many individuals with large feet develop hammer toes as they often try to wear shoes too small for them, or as a child were forced to wear shoes they had outgrown. Adults should have their feet measured regularly to ensure your feet have not spread due to pregnancy, age and etc.

Parents should be especially mindful to check their child’s foot growth and be sure that their footwear is the right size, as the bones in children’s feet do grow quickly. Women who have hammer toes should avoid wearing spike heels or cowboy boots that compress their toes into a narrow space.

Although there are surgical conditions to correct hammer toes, if one keeps wearing the wrong type of shoe, the condition is prone to reform. Surgery can also be costly and have a person laid up for many months, which is highly impractical for people who need to work and take care of children and other responsibilities. Hammer toes can cause deformities in posture, including scoliosis, as well as back pain. The best shoes to wear are shoes that stretch enough to accommodate room for the toes.

For women, Mary Jane style shoes with flat heels work well as long as the box of the shoe is not too flat, which would cause irritation, blistering and then further deformity. According to Dr. Oz in a video on ShareCare,, if your second toe is longer than the first, you definitely need a shoe with a high box.

Flat sandals will only work if they are wide enough not to bind the toes. Leather straps can dig into hammer toes and cause friction. Some individuals with hammer toes who live in warm weather climates give up on fitted shoes altogether and wear flip flops. This is a mistake,, according to doctors on,, as fiip flops cause walking instability which makes the wearer have to bear down to grip the ground, thus exacerbating or even causing hammer toes.

Buying inexpensive shoes at the local discount retailer will save some money at first; however, your feet will suffer in the long run. The best shoes for hammer toes are sold at many specialty stores where you can get an expert fitting. Once you have your exact measurements, then you can feel free to buy shoes online. There are many online shoe retailers who specialize in shoes for people with foot conditions such as hammer toes, bunions and diabetics that need to take particular care of their feet. If you run or play sports, having the best athletic shoes for hammer toes will keep you on the track or field longer without pain.

The best shoes for hammer toes are shoes with soft soles, like good quality sneakers provide the flexibility the foot needs to cushion the impact on the toes. There are also foot pads available that slip into the box of the shoe near the toes to protect and keep toes comfortable.

For the office, many online and in store retailers carry walking shoes that stylish as well as protect hammer toes, bunions and callouses. Often individuals with hammer toes have worked at professions that keep them on their feet, like nurses, restaurant workers and sales people. Investing in a few pairs of good, reliable shoes that will protect your feet are the best shoes for hammer toes. Having good protection for your feet from quality footwear is better than having a closet full of inexpensive, ill-fitting footwear that will make your feet worse over time.

Best Shoes for Arch Support – Men and Women’s Style

If you’re looking for the best shoes for arch support for men and women, the solution is to look for shoes that won’t hurt when you’re walking or when you’re running. When you’re walking or running, you want shoes that don’t cause you to over-pronate or supinate (which can be painful) if you don’t have the proper padding, cushioning, and support from the shoe. The best shoes for over-pronation are the ones that enable a straight alignment from the back of your knees to the part of your feet that touches the floor. If your feet aren’t aligned from the back of your knees to the part of your feet that touches the floor, you have a condition called plantar fasciitis because a misalignment that causes your knees to “roll” inward is called a walking gait. To select the right shoe, check the shoe for good arch support which should be evident by making sure the shoe is contoured and padded correctly.

For example, depending on the brand and model of the shoe you’re looking for, Nike offers Lunarfoam as cushioning and offers a dynamic support system; Asics offers gel cushioning, and FluidRide, rustic system for support; Saucony offers impact interface, help with the impact zone of your foot, and PowerGrid for support. If you want extra support, you can try an insole from these reputable companies of this website: Some of the brands of the insole which can help you pad the best shoe for arch support for men and women are 10 Seconds Flat Foot Sport, CurrexSole RUNPRO, Dr. Scholl’s Edge, and Footbalance Max which are all in the $30-$70 range.

There are actually all kinds of shoes specifically designed for arch support by podiatrists of the American Podiatric Medical Association which can eliminate the confusion of whether or not a shoe meet the proper requirements to correct the walking gait temporarily while you wear the shoe. To find APMA certified shoes, ask a sales person after entering a shoe store to help you find shoes that are distinguished with the AMPA certification. These shoes will usually have a label on the box the shoes come in to identify the distinction these particular shoes have. While in store, you can ask about the features of the shoe and make sure the shoe has proper contouring and padding that will help with your walking gait. If there is no AMPA certified shoe to your liking, the internet has plenty of options online that can have the similar or the same features as an AMPA shoe. You can search to help find the best shoes for arch support for men and women. There are specific websites that are particularly helpful in helping you find the best walking and running shoes. With due diligence, you’ll find the perfect pair.

For men and women’s styles of walking shoes, access this website: This website offers the name and model of six different pairs of sneakers from varying brands for women and men. In addition, this website offers a price check on to help you select the size and design of the walking shoes of that particular model and you can choose between varieties of sellers. (If you would like to find the names of those shoes and buy in store, the models are as follows: New Balance 1260V4 Shoes, Asics GT 1000 3 Shoes, Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 Shoe, Nike Lunar Glide 6 Shoes, Saucony Guide 8 Shoes, and Brooks Raveena 6 Shoes.) All these shoes are competitively price on and can cost in a reasonable $100 range for the benefits your foot will have. Depending on the size of your foot and the model of the shoe out of those six pairs, the price can vary.

For men and women’s styles of running shoes, access this website: This website offers the name and model of four pairs of sneakers for women and men. Just as the previous website that was mentioned, this website offers a price check on to help you select the size and design of the walking shoes of that particular model and you can choose between varieties of sellers. (If you would like to find the names of those shoes and buy in store, the models are as follows: Nike Lunar Glide 6, Asics Gel Super J33, Saucony Hurricane 15, and Asics GT 2000 2.) All the shoes are also competitively priced on and can cost in a reasonable $100 range. Depending on the size of your foot and the model you would like of those four pairs, the price may vary.

Although the perfect pair of sneakers may take time to wear into and switching to another brand of sneakers may mean a different sizing scenario – being comfortable and improving the pain you feel is very possible and may only take 12 weeks. For men and women looking for the best shoes for arch support that are beyond walking and running shoes such as a stylish heel, a professional work appropriate shoes, a weather appropriate sandal, or a comfortable and contoured flat, you have many options and brand names on the APMA website: The best shoes for arch support for men and women will be the ones designed by podiatrists or have the correct contouring and padding.

In conclusion, look for three things that ensure the best arch support for your feet. Whether or not you choose the models of sneakers or shoes from the websites or suggestions provided, try to look for the first thing which is the correct support from the shoe that will align the back of your knee to the part of the foot that touches the floor. The second thing is the cushioning and padding of different models of shoes will help for proper absorption from the shock of walking with a walking gait. The third thing is motion control for over-pronation, make sure you can walk somewhat comfortably before you try on the new shoes. No matter what shoe you need for any occasion, there’s a shoe for you that can provide the best support you need for your feet.

TOP 5 Best Shoes For Standing All Day. Women style 2016

Standing for long hours can be a real pain. Not only for your legs and back but your feet if you happen to be in the wrong pair of shoes. After all, if your feet are not comfortable, it affects your legs and lower back as well. Sure you can go to a foot specialist to get those super expensive shoe inserts that will break the piggy bank. But who has the time to schedule an appointment or fork over all that money? The mall isn’t any better. Too many retail associates are working on commission at those places only wants to make the sales rather actually to listen to how sore your feet are after a long day. Online seems to be the best option. After all, you can take your time, do the research and find the perfect shoe that suits your needs. But the selection is hard and time-consuming until now that is. Here are the best shoes for standing all day:


Dansko Woman’s Markie Boot


The Dansko Markie Boot is a super comfy and surprisingly affordable ankle high year round boot that is very stylish. With its supportive foot bed, you will forget you are wearing boots. These are the kind of boots that don’t weigh you down come to the end of the day. With the side zipper for easy slip on slip off you really will forget you are wearing well, boots. If there were only one pair of boots to get, these would be it hands down.


Cannot stress enough how much I love, love, love these boots! When purchasing these boots, though, it is good to keep in mind the kind of socks that you will wear with them and adjust to a size bigger if needed. Don’t want to squeeze the toes and cramp the foot up. So if your preference is thick socks during those mitten months, go a size up. And because these boots are go-to for all occasions they are a smart choice financially speaking.


So, whether you are out on the town with friends or dressed for success. So if that cute guy down the hall asks you out for a dinner date, you don’t need to worry about slipping your shoes off under the table. These cuties will be snug and comfy all day, and night long.


Dr. Scholl’s Woman’s Friendly Ballet Flat


With the name of Dr. Scholl added to these babies, it should give the impression of comfort through and through. The Dr. Scholl’s Woman’s Friendly Ballet Flat is for many women the perfect shoe for everyday use. With a flare for being undervalued due to the ballet style of this shoe, this little shoe snuggles the feet in such a way that it feels like you are simply wearing socks all day long and nothing more. Plus with the name Dr. Scholl backing up the sole comfort, you know that your feet will remain happy throughout the long day.


This shoe is highly deceiving being so small and flat one wouldn’t know how comfortable it is until they wear it. This little contender has excellent arch support and is breathable with its memory foam cushioning. With so many colors to choose from, it will be hard to pick your favorite one. Or perhaps you don’t have to pick and just start a collection one for every day of the month.


Hush Puppies Woman’s Epic Mary Jane


Although these Mary Jane shoes are not comfortable right out of the box, you should definitely give them a try. Once broken in these babies are super awesome. Partly due to the lightweight outsole which absorbs the shock of walking for long periods of time while the Zero G technology of the latex foam footbed conforms to the wearer making this one comfortable shoe to fit your foot and your foot alone.


The gripping tread makes for sure footing in any environment while the 1.25-inch heel gives just enough height for that classy touch. The shoe can also be a little snug around the toes so when ordering it is advised to order a size bigger than what you normally wear. This is a classic shoe for that black dress hanging in the closet to the pinstriped slacks worn at work.


Timberland PRO Woman’s Renova Slip-On


Looking for a heavy duty work shoe that will outlast your day? The Renova is just that shoe! With its rubber platform sole, microfiber lining, and full grain leather, this shoe goes beyond the shift. This shoe is heavy duty and can’t be stressed enough but will keep your feet happy during the long day. The Timberland PRO Woman’s Slip-On is the woman’s work shoe for those tough and rugged jobs that need that extra protection and support.


Sketchers Woman’s Career 9 to 5 Flat


Just because the name says flat, doesn’t mean these shoes will leave you that way. These shoes scream “Dare me to stand all day and not be bothered!” The Sketchers 9 to 5 are the perfect shoe that bridges the gap between the “comfortable lazy day shoe” and the “let’s get down to business” shoe. With ongoing comfort, support, and protection for your feet you really won’t notice the hours your feet have been snuggled in these little puppies. Sketchers are a brand name that is well known for style and durability.


Crocs Woman’s Work Chelsea Clog


The croc is a family name mostly for their kids shoes. Most of the time the croc name brings to mind kids durable rubber shoes kids can use to play out in the yard and stomp around without a care in the world. Although this shoe may be passed over for lack of flare or style, the designers of the croc have come up with a professional and reasonable solution. The Chelsea Clog is a relatively basic shoe. Although it is not all that flashy on the outside, it is what is on the inside of this shoe that matters. Anyone who wears this croc will agree these shoes provided a remarkable level of support, comfort, and durability for a long day at work.



New Balance Woman’s WX626 Slip Resistant


For those working in the food industry, this is the shoe for you. Made with innovated EVA foam, these shoes create the perfect support system for those on the move. These shoes give your arches the support they need to keep you going all day or all night long. New Balance is known for helping with all kinds of orthopedic issues as well as helping reduce back and leg pain down the road. Not to mention helps correct posture issues as well. These shoes are made with natural leather which not only allows for the shoe to breathe and air to circulate, but also ensures a shoe that will last a very long time. Let’s not overlook the slip-resistant quality of this particular shoe which allows for sure footing no matter where you may happen to step. So for those working around liquids, this is definitely a shoe worth checking out for its slip resistance. And for those who enjoy walking, New Balance will keep that skip in your step every hour you happen to be on your feet.


Before making any decision about your new shoes, it is important to point out that not all shoes are created equal. Shoes designed for wearing extended periods of time need to be able to breathe and allow for air circulation. Certain man-made materials such as plastic and polyurethane can not breathe and causes the feet to get overheated during the time worn. And feet that are overheated can cause more than just blisters to form on the heels. It can cause other issues like smelly athletes foot and toe fungus.


Safer and more reliable materials for shoes include Suede, Canvas, Leather, Mesh and other forms of rubber. Besides the polyurethane. These more dependable materials allow the feet to breathe thus allowing air to circulate that keep the feet dry during the course of the work day.


Decision Time


Working long hours takes a toll on everything. From your head down to your feet. Although you may not be able to control what happens during the course of your day, you can control how you will feel at the end of the day. Choosing the right shoe is essential for so many reasons. Your feet, after all, are the bottom of the totem pole. They keep you moving and going during the day and if your feet start to hurt it causes a chain reaction throughout the entire body. Soon your legs get that shooting pain up the cafe, then your lower back. Sometimes the issues from the feet travel as far as the neck and shoulders, so it is important to get the correct support you need for your feet. And although this is by no means an end all be all list, these shoes do exactly what they say they will do. They will offer your feet the support, comfort and style you need. The hardest part now is choosing the right one for your particular needs.